Our Coaches

Jeremy Draper

IMG_3938 Jeremy Draper began CrossFitting in 2010 and jumped right in and became a trainer in August of the next year. Jeremy enjoys the community and the sport of CrossFit, as he reaches new goals both personally and as a coach.  Previously a coach at CrossFit Jackson, he enjoys working with athletes of all ages and from all walks of life.  His professional training as a family physician gives him additional insight to human movement and health.Jeremy’s vision of combining a medical/nutrition clinic and a CrossFit gym first came to fruition in Jackson, TN, as he teamed with CrossFit Jackson to test his model and build his practice.  Now, upon moving the practice to Memphis, being an owner in the gym also expands his role in helping his patients and clients achieve optimal health.Jeremy Draper, MD – CFL1 – CF Kids  – CF Endurance – CF Movement and Mobility
Favorite WOD: “Murph”
Favorite Movement:  Muscle Up

Jonathan Draper

IMG_1077 Jonathan Draper saw the potential of a city CrossFit gym in Memphis and was eager to put together Metabolic Crossfit in conjunction with WellFit Medicine and Nutrition. Jon has been CrossFitting since 2011 and became a coach in 2012. After years of participation in various sports, Jon connected with CrossFit as a way to improve overall fitness which could be applied to any sport. That’s the beauty of CrossFit. Scaling makes it possible for athletes of all skill levels to train side by side in a positive and uplifting community which encourages individual success, one movement at a time.Jon’s background in biology and the sciences, as well his experience in the business world has helped him to be able to focus on working with a variety of athletes to help them meet their individual goals.  Jon enjoys the simplicity of CrossFit and likes watching the way it changes lives for the better.Jonathan Draper – CF-L1
Favorite WOD: “Fran”
Favorite Movement: Snatch

Cathy Draper

IMG_1083 Cathy was introduced to CrossFit in 2009 and fell in love with the efficiency of the workouts.  After previously working out at other gyms and with a personal trainer, the experience offered by CrossFit was not only unique, but offered much variety and an intensity that was surprisingly doable—with a coach, but in a group setting!  Everything about this mode of exercise made sense.  It was great to be individually coached, while at the same time experiencing the comradery of the group dynamics.  The scalability was the key to making CrossFit something the whole family could share.In March 2012, Cathy became a CrossFit Level 1 coach, with additional training in CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Mobility.  A registered dietitian, Cathy is President of WellFit Nutrition and works in private practice with Dr. Jeremy Draper at WellFit Medicine and Nutrition.  Cathy is an experienced food professional, as well, and has established and co-owned Draper’s Catering of Memphis with her husband, Gary, for the last 25 years in the Memphis area.  Cathy enjoys working and working out with family and friends!Cathy Draper – CFL1 – CF Kids – CF Movement & Mobility – MS Clinical Nutrition
Favorite WOD: “Filthy Fifty”
Favorite Movements: Squats, Rowing

Rebekah Eaton

IMG_1062 I first walked into a CrossFit box on October 3, 2011 and haven’t been able to stay away from one since then! The first few weeks were petrifying and I often lurked in the “kids corner” of the box. Still, the need to physically improve, become stronger, and the enthusiastic CrossFit community lured me back night after night. My philosophy on what health, beauty, and strength were changed drastically as I began to associate with fellow athletes at my CrossFit box. I continued to consistently train with talented athletes of various abilities and in May 2014 I was fortunate enough to become an assistant coach/trainer to these athletes. I served the coaches and athletes until relocating in July 2014. I currently work as an elementary school teacher in Shelby County Schools. As a teacher, one of my goals is to teach my students to be active participants of their lives and how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Prior to receiving my BS in education from BYU-Idaho I worked as a Paramedic in Gibson County. While working in the healthcare profession I witnessed firsthand how physical activity and nutrition directly affect health and general well being.I am excited to share my knowledge about fitness, health, and nutrition with you in order to help you prepare for the unknown and unknowable.Rebekah Eaton – CFL1 CF Movement and Mobility – BS Elementary Education
Favorite WOD: “Griff”
Favorite Movements: Rope Climbs and the Clean and Jerk

Brandon Smith

IMG_1068 Brandon received his Level 1 Certification in July of 2013.  He really enjoys working with a wide variety of people ranging from his friends to some of the professors at Rhodes.  It is truly awesome to be able to celebrate with someone when they accomplish their goals.  While CrossFit plays a main role in his life, he plans to graduate from Rhodes College in 2016 with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  After college, he plans on attending medical school like both of his parents.  Brandon is also involved in research with Dr. Fitzgerald at Rhodes studying Epigenetics in Arabidopsis, Peer Advising new students, and his fraternity.Brandon Smith – CFL1
Favorite Wod:  “King Kong” (eventually)
Favorite Movement:  Snatch

Zach Pope

IMG_1070 Zach has been doing CrossFit ever since ending his football career at Rhodes College in 2012.  As a three sport athlete in high school, functional fitness, competitiveness, and injury prevention have always been crucial facets of Zach’s life. He loves being a CrossFit trainer because it gives him the opportunity to empower clients of all ages and skill levels to reach their fitness goals and instill within them a passion for a healthy lifestyle. Zach is also the Vice President of CrossFit Rhodes,  where he trains Rhodes College students and faculty with Brandon. Zach is currently completing his major in neuroscience and minor in religious studies, and he plans to attend medical school next fall and pursue a career in preventive medicine. When he’s not CrossFitting, Zach spends time with his fraternity brothers, gives Rhodes campus tours, and conducts neuroscience research related to how exercise protects neurons against stress.Zach Pope – CFL1
Favorite WOD:  “Macho Man”
Favorite Movements:  Clean & Jerks and Burpees

Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith is from Memphis, Tn but graduated high school from Gallatin Senior High in 2000. After a few years in the workforce he joined the US Navy. Spending 6 years as an Air Traffic Controller Chuck was a part of two WestPacs onboard the USS Nimitz. While out to sea he discovered his passion for weightlifting and fitness. After long days of keeping the skies safe and orderly Chuck and his peers would lift and expel the days stress in one of two gyms aboard the Nimitz. After Honorably separating in 2010 Chuck attended the University of Utah and this is where he discovered Crossfit. In his last semester Chuck was in need of six more credit hours to maintain his eligibility for the G.I. Bill when he found the motherload. That semester he has Aquafitness, Yoga, Intermediate Swimming, Intermediate Volleyball, and Crossfit. YES, Crossfit was being offered as a class! And it counted for credit. Talk about the best University ever. Chuck’s first crossfit workout was “Chelsea” which consist of Every Minute on the Minute for 30 minute, 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats, and that was plenty to hook him. Just after graduating college Chuck found a new Crossfit box, Fuel Crossfit, opening in Kaysville, Utah. In 2013 Chuck moved home to Tennessee to attend to family matters and began focusing on Olympic Lifting and in December 2013 he passed his Crossfit L1 at Crossfit Mayhem in Cookeville, TN. Over the next few years Chuck took what he learned at his CF L1 and used it to help create a culture of fitness with Houston Lacrosse Club. Chuck has been coaching lacrosse now for 8 years with four of them being in Utah. Chuck began working out at Metabolic Crossfit in January 2018 and in February he began coaching there. Chuck hopes to continue coaching at Metabolic and to complete his Level 2 with Crossfit and achieve his USAW Coaching Certification in the coming year. Chuck is to be married this year as well.

Favorite WOD: Adam Brown
Favorite Movement: Clean and Jerk