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Jordan’s Story

My background is not that of an athlete.  In fact I can say that I grew up pretty sedentary. Sure I played the occasional youth ­league soccer, baseball, and football.  But I was always the big kid.  In high school I lost a lot of weight by doing a fad diet, but I gained all that weight back in college.  Then in college I lost a lot of weight, but after graduating I slowly and surely gained all that weight back as well.  It wasn’t until I found Metabolic CrossFit that I discovered the secret for me to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  That secret ingredient is fun!

I find that every WOD that’s offered at Meatabolic CrossFit has with it challenge, intensity, but most importantly fun.  Sure there are times that I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”  But then I feel and see the results.  And I don’t just mean weight loss.  I mean lifting heavier weight, running farther distance, running a quicker pace, doing more reps, achieving a movement that I never have been physically able to do before.

For me CrossFit is not some fad.  It’s not some short­term effort that I’m using to lose weight.  CrossFit has open the door for me to see what a healthy lifestyle is.  CrossFit is about being the most fit me that I can be.  If it wasn’t for the coaches and everyone involved at Metabolic CrossFit there’s no way that I would be the most fit me that I am.  And I can confidently say that.  At this moment I am the most fit I have ever been.  I’ve been at Metabolic CrossFit for only 11 months.  And in these 11 months my life has been changed.  I’ve lost a hundred pounds.  I’m learning what it means to eat healthy.  I’m gaining more confidence and self­worth day by day. I am becoming the athlete I never was. ­

– Jordan Harris

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