8/13/19 Cycle 3 Re-Test Week

8/13/19 Cycle 3 Re-Test Week

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Warm-up (No Measure)



6 Pushup to downdog

12 Abmat situps

Row 18 Calories

24 Air Squats

50′ Bear Crawl

50′ Side shuffle

10 Dislocates

10 Box Step-ups

Back Squat (1×5)

Find 5RM

Metcon (Time)

L1 & L2

3 rounds

12 Devils Press 50/35

400m Row

(9 Minute Cap)

* L1 uses 35/25 dumbbell weights. Time Cap stays the same

Metcon (Time)


Accumulate 3:00 in a handstand

*endure the entire 3:00 IF you can, but your task here is accumulate 3:00 total in a handstand. Keep count of your time upside down until you hit 3:00, then the time on the clock is your score. For example it may take you 8:42 to get your full 3:00 upside down

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