Rosie Red

Rosie Red

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Warm-up (No Measure)

10-12min max

5 stations

10 slamballs

10 wallballs

10 partner situps w/wallball pass

10 burpees

10 by 10m Shuttle Sprints

*For slamballs, line up in single file line and as the person in front of you completes their 10 reps they will pass you the slamball between their legs.

*For partner situps, you and your partner will be foot to foot performing situps with a medball. It must touch the ground behind each person’s head and be passed when both are in the up position

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Double Under Practice


4 Single Unders

1 Double under

*repeat this the entire 3 minutes


3 Single Unders

1 Double Under

*repeat this the entire 3 minutes


2 Single Unders

1 Double Under

*repeat this the entire 3 minutes


Max Unbroken Double Unders

Score: max set of unbroken double unders

Metcon (Time)

Rosie Red

4 rounds for time

20 wallballs 20/14

16 Alt DB Snatches

12 Toes to bar

rest 1min between sets

Rx: 50/35

*The rest(s) between sets is to allow you to push a little harder each set. Your pace should be 80-85% max effort throughout the entire workout.


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