Metabolic CrossFit – CrossFit

—- New Cycle —-

This Cycle will prepare and lead us into the first weekend of the Open.

—- New Athletes —-

Offered Every other Saturday
Schedule with Cathy

—- Open Gym —-

Weekdays at 6pm, Saturday at 10am
Work on a missed WOD or attack a weakness

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Warm-up (No Measure)


10 Dislocates, PVC

10 Pushups

10 Side bends, PVC overhead

10 Overhead squats, PVC


20 Shoulder Taps, either in handstand hold, or on box (scale to HSPU ability)

15 behind the neck press, empty bar, snatch grip

5:00 bike, moderate pace

Metcon (Time)



for Time

20 Snatch @ 70% 1RM

Rest 3:00

15 Snatch @ 75% 1RM

Rest 3:00

10 Snatch @ 80% 1RM

*Percentages based on 1RM Power Snatch

Snatch reps can be Power, Squat, or a mix of both

*Enter weights in notes

Metcon (Time)


for Time

4 Rounds

Row 500/450

21 Dumbbell Deadlift 70/50

Metcon (No Measure)


ROMWOD/Cool Down Stretch

Open Gym (HSPU or Pull-up Program


20 HSPU Negatives

*From a handstand against the wall, slow as possible descent until you are in the bottom/tripod position

Inverted Rows (Barbell) x 3 max sets

*rest accordingly. Goal is 10+ reps each set

30 Push-ups

* as few sets as possible

Strict Pull-up:

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